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10/7/14 *The inspector said she would buy a puppy from us.




Our Toy Australian Shepherd puppies are available in all colors! 

We have the beautiful Blue & Red Merles. Consistently producing them with Harlequin coats. Continually have the classic Black & Red-tri's, even the sought after BET's.  Ours have the jet black coats or rich liver reds. Blue eyes, brown eyes, amber or green, flecked or marbled eyes, even 2 seperate eye colors on one pup.  No Aussie looks the same!

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Call Kimberly on Dachsies & Aussies at 970-234-1596

and Kriss on his Bulldogs at 970-234-1595  Thank you!

*AKC inspected and found in compliance:







Our JonesBoyz English Bulldogs suprise our guests at how short & stocky a "true" English Bulldog is! AKC doesn't recognize the different breeds of Bullies (Alapaha Blue Blood, American, English, & Olde English bulldogge). All of these are put under the breed Bulldog, meaning if two English aren't bred together from a long line of English, you very likely won't end up with the right temperment or body style.

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Our Miniature Dachshunds produce beautiful colors in dapple, piebald, brindle & solids available in smoothcoat, longhair & wirehair year round.

Miniature Dachshund puppies available for deposit!

Toy Aussie puppies available for deposit!

English Bulldog puppies available for deposit!

Mark our youngest has grown up with animals and now raises his own.  Cobbycorgis.com