*Inspected by CO Department of Agriculture and found in compliance:





10/7/14 *The inspector said she would buy a puppy from us.




Our Toy Australian Shepherd puppies are available in all colors! 

We have the beautiful Blue & Red Merles. Consistently producing them with Harlequin coats. Continually have the classic Black & Red-tri's, even the sought after BET's.  Ours have the jet black coats or rich liver reds. Blue eyes, brown eyes, amber or green, flecked or marbled eyes, even 2 seperate eye colors on one pup.  No Aussie looks the same!

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Call Kimberly on Dachsies & Aussies at 970-234-1596

and Kriss on his Bulldogs at 970-234-1595  Thank you!

*AKC inspected and found in compliance:







Our JonesBoyz English Bulldogs suprise our guests at how short & stocky a "true" English Bulldog is! AKC doesn't recognize the different breeds of Bullies (Alapaha Blue Blood, American, English, & Olde English bulldogge). All of these are put under the breed Bulldog, meaning if two English aren't bred together from a long line of English, you very likely won't end up with the right temperment or body style.

Our Miniature Dachshunds produce beautiful colors in dapple, piebald, brindle & solids available in smoothcoat, longhair & wirehair year round.

English Bulldog puppies available for deposit!

Mark our youngest has grown up with animals and now raises his own.  Cobbycorgis.com