Miniature Dachshund Dams

"Annie" our homegrown girl @ 8 1/2 pds. Mother of Opie.

COLOR: Chocolate/Tan Dapple Smoothcoat

Sire: (Speckles)

Dam: (Dolly) 

"Destiny" our homegrown girl @ 8 1/2#.

COLOR: Solid Chocolate Smoothcoat

SIRE: (Speckles-n-Spots) Isabella/Tan Dapple Smooth coat

DAM: (Destiny) Black Longhair

"Lady in Red"

This girl is absolutely gorgeous in her coloring, eyes rimmed in black, silkiest coat all at 11# & 8".  Mother of Mr. Bean, DeeDee, Destiny, Francie & Emma.

Color: Red Longhair

Sire: Black Longhair

Dam: Red Longhair

"Poppy" our homegrown girl @ 10 pds.  Tug@YurHart4th Generation. Mother of Harper & Periwinkle.

COLOR: Chocolate/Tan Pied Wirehair

Sire: (Snickers) Chocolate/Tan wire

Dam: (Cocoa) Chocolate/Tan Pied wire

"Mookie", our homegrown girl with 1 blue eye at 9 pds. Tug@YurHart 4th Generation.

Mother of Indy.

COLOR: White Chocolate/Tan Dappled Pied 

SIRE: (Speckles -n- Spots) Isabella/Tan Dappled Smooth coat

Dam: (Sasha) Chocolate/Tan Wire

"Jojo", our homegrown girl 4th generation @ 10 pds.

COLOR: Black/Sillver Dapple Smoothcoat 

SIRE: (Speckles-n-Spots) Fawn (Isabella)/Tan Dapple Smoothcoat

DAM: (Destiny) Black Longhair 


"Dahlia" AKA Dolly @ 12#

COLOR: Black Smooth Coat. 

*Mother of our past stud Hershey, Whiskey, Annie & Delilah.

Patellar Luxation: NORMAL

 "Cutie Pie" our homegrown girl at 12#.  Tug@YurHart 4th Generation.  My what big eyes you have! Mother of Goldie & Kaitlynn.

Color: Chocolate/Tan Pied Wirehair

SIRE: (Snickers) Chocolate/Tan Wirehair

DAM: (Cocoa) White/Chocolate/Tan Pied Wirehair

 "DeeDee" our homegrown girl @ 13 pds. Tug@YurHart 3rd Generation.

COLOR: Black/Tan Longhair

SIRE: (Hershey) Chocolate Smooth coat

DAM: (Lady) Red Longhair

 "Emma", our homegrown girl @ 9 pds.  Sister to Francie.

COLOR: Black/Tan Smoothcoat 

SIRE: (Speckles N Spots) Isabella/Tan Dapple Smoothcoat

DAM: (Lady in Red) Red Longhair 

 "Francie", our homegrown girl @ 10 pds.  Sister to Emma. 

COLOR: Red Smoothcoat

SIRE: (Speckles N Spots) Isabella/Tan Dapple Smoothcoat

DAM: (Lady in Red) Red Longhair 

 "Rayna" our homegrown girl @ 9 pds.  4th Generation Tug@YurHart.

COLOR: Chocolate/Tan Dapple Smoothcoat with 1 green & 1 blue eye

Sire: Speckles-n-Spots

Dam: Destiny 

 "Harper" our homegrown girl @ 9 1/2  pds.  5th Generation Tug@YurHart. 

 COLOR: Isabella/Tan Pied Smoothcoat

Sire: Speckles-n-Spots

Dam: Poppy 

 "Periwinkle" our homegrown 5th generation girl @ 12 pds.

COLOR: Red blue based smoothcoat

Sire: Mr. Bean (red smoothcoat)

Dam: Poppy (chocolate/tan pied wirehair) 

 "Georgia Sweet Pie" our homegrown girl.  4th generation Tug@YurHart Miniature Dachshund.  Our middle son raises German Shorthair Pointers (GSP's) that look identical to Georgia's coat but mature at 80 pds.  She is only 9 1/2 pds.

COLOR: Chocolate/tan Pied smoothcoat

SIRE (Whiskey) Chocolate/tan Dapple smoothcoat

DAM (Kaitlynn) Isabella/tan smoothcoat 


 "India" AKA Indy our homegrown girl @ 8 1/2 pds.  5th Generation Tug@YurHart

COLOR: Cream Pied Smoothcoat

Sire: Marley-n-Me

Dam: Mookie

 Tug@YurHart Jennie our homegrown girl.  4th generation Tug@YurHart Miniature Dachshund.  She is just under 9 pds.

COLOR: Black/tan with brindle markings smoothcoat

SIRE: Snoopy


Tug@YurHart Hot Fudge Sundae our homegrown girl.  3rd generation Tug@YurHart Miniature Dachshund.  She is 8 pds.

COLOR: Chocolate/tan Pied Wirehair

SIRE: Snoopy

DAM: Cutie Pie

Tug@YurHart Blue Skye our homegrown girl.  She is 5th generation Tug@YurHart Miniature Dachshund.  She weighs 7 1/2 pds.

COLOR: Blue Pied Smoothcoat

SIRE: Snoopy


Tug@YurHart Reeses our homegrown girl.  She is 4th generation Tug@YurHart Miniature Dachshund.  Weighing 8 1/2 pds.

COLOR: Chocolate/Tan smoothcoat

SIRE: Speckles-n-Spots

DAM: DeeDee

Tug@YurHart Jupiter is 5th Generation from our Miniature Dachshund breedings.  Weighs 8 #.  Full sister to Tuxedo on our studs page.

COLOR: Black/Tan Dapple Brindle markings smoothcoat

SIRE: Snoopy


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