Toy/Miniauture Aussie Dams:

Little "Bitty"

Black-tri Toy female.  Parents are Int'l Ch-Sired Redneck Country & Alaska.  Bitty stands 8 inches tall and weighs 7 1/2 pds.

"Cover Girl"

 Harlequin Blue Merle Toy with 2 blue eyes.  Parents are Laila & Porter. 4th generation Tug@YurHart Toy Aussie. She is 11 inches tall & 10 pds.


Blue Merle Toy dam with 2 ice blue eyes.  Parents are Int'l Ch-Sired Redneck Country & Prairie Girl.  She is 12 1/2 pds. & 12" tall.


Black-tri Toy dam.  Sired by Salt-n-Pepper & Ruby.  She is 12 inches tall & 12 pds.   5th Generation Tug@YurHart Toy Aussie.  Beautiful girl who doesn't know a stranger!  Loves her people!


 Red-Tri toy dam, sired by Int'l Ch-Sired Redneck Country & Laffy Taffy. She is the beautiful deep liver red at 12# & 11 1/2" tall.


She is a beautiful blue merle with rich copper & ice blue eyes like her sister Columbine.  Weighing 11 pds. & 11 inches tall.  Parents are Int'l Ch-sired Gummi Bear & Firefox. 



She is a large black-tri Toy Aussie with beautiful rich copper markings. 23 lbs. & 14" tall.  She carries for blue-eyed tri's and is red-factored.  Parents are Badger & Rainee.


She is a smilin' black-tri (red factored) Toy Aussie with beautiful copper markings weighing 13 lbs. and standing 13" tall.

Sired by Campfire and Icee.


She is an adorable black-tri Toy Aussie from my son Levi's dam Livvy and our stud Badger.  She has the rich copper markings and wide white blaze and bib.  Weighs 11 lbs. & 12" tall.  She carries for blue-eyed tri's.


Black-tri Toy Aussie.  Sired by Cowboy Up & Sadie.  She weighs 11 lbs. & stands 11" tall.

"Strawberry Shortcake"

She is a deep liver red-tri Toy Australian Shepherd with rich copper and large white blaze & chest.  She has 1 blue & 1 hazel eye. Weighing 8 lbs.  Full sister to Jody.

Sired by J.R. & Roxie


Blue Merle Toy Australian Shepherd with 1 blue eye/1 brown eye and full white collar and bib.  Sired by Campfire & Icee.  She is 12 lbs. &   12 1/2" tall.


Blue Merle Toy Aussie.  Parents are champion sired Silverado and Little Bitty.  She is 9 lbs. and 10" tall.


Blue Merle Toy Aussie.  Sired by Rambo & Gerde.  She weighs 8 lbs. and 10" tall.


Red Tri Toy Aussie.  Sired by Gerde and Rambo.  She is 12 lbs. and 11" tall.


Red tri Toy Aussie.  Sired by J.R. & Minnie


She is a black-tri Toy Australian Shepherd with rich copper and large white blaze & chest.  She has 2 predominately blue eyes.  Full sister to Strawberry Shortcake.

Sired by J.R. & Roxie


Black-tri Toy Australian Shepherd.  Sired by Trigger & Stella.  Weighs 10 lbs. and stands 11" tall.


Blue Merle large Toy Australian Shepherd 1 blue/1 brown eye.  Sired by Patriot and Chloe


Blue Merle Toy Aussie 2 blue eyes.  Sired by Panda & Iris.  She weighs 13 lbs. & stands 12" tall.