These darling Toy Aussies make the greatest pets. They adore children. Beautiful coats easily maintained. Training is a breeze due to them being born smart! Ours are pet door trained from 5 wks. of age, weather permitting. We are producing 3rd, 4th & 5th generation Tug@YurHart Toys.

Be sure to read our Guarantee,Puppy care, & Guestbook pages from our previously placed pups!

Call or text Kimberly Jones at 970-234-1596


"Gaston" AVAILABLE $1200 Black-tri Toy male *predict 11 pd. maturity.

Parents are Firefox & Int'l Ch-Sired Gummi Bear

Ready 3/29/18 

"Ramond" GOING HOME TO AMY T. OF  COMER, GA  Mismark Black-tri male with 1 nearly all blue eye & 1 brown.  Predict 9 pds. at maturity.

Sired by Revlon & Coal Country

Ready 1/25/18 

"Jarrett" AVAILABLE $1600. Red Merle Toy male with full white collar & 2 blue eyes! On 3/6/18 weighed 11 pds. & stood 11 3/4" tall.

Sired by Jaida & Patriot

Ready 11/16/17 

Gypsy X Campfire Australian Shepherd Toy litter born 4/22/18 ready 6/17/18


Ready 6/17/18

Available Toy/Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies pictured below:

Toy Aussie puppy page

We can ship your Toy/Miniature Australian Shepherd puppy to your state for $345 (Only $400 for 2 puppies in the same crate).  Can fly your Toy Aussie puppy to Denver, CO for $150 to be received at Centennial Airport morning & evening flights.  Crate comes with flight.

"Panther" Predominately Black-tri male $800

"Poppy" Predominately Black-tri female $1200

"Pumpkin" Black-tri female $1400

Rainee X Badger

Born 5/16/18 ready 7/11/18

Toy/Miniature  Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in CO
***Our Toy/Small Miniature Australian pups are always vet checked, prior to coming home to you if sufficient time has been given.  We also administer their vaccines & dewormings on a timely schedule (please go to our puppy care page).  We give a 1 yr. health guarantee on puppies $800 and up.  Our puppies are pet door trained to eliminate outdoors. Weather permitting of course.  We like our Toy Aussies to be right at 3# before going home.  Sometimes this means keeping them until 9-10 wks. of age.  Extra attention needs to be given to tiny puppies to assure their good health.

"Roxy" Black-tri Large Toy Australian Shepherd female $1500 *predict 18 pds. at maturity

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Tug At Yur Hart of CO has Toy/Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies listed for sale on,, and 

Revlon X Campfire

Born June 6, 2018 ready August 1, 2018

"Rosie" AVAILABLE $2000  Red-tri female with nice white blaze.  Predict 8 pds. at maturity.

"Ruby" AVAILABLE $1800 as a pet or $2000 with NSDR. Red-tri female with nice copper cheeks.  Eyes are greenish blue.  Predict 10+ pds. at maturity

"River"  RESERVED BY IVONNE C. OF BROOKLYN, NY $1800 Red Merle male with bluish green eyes.  Predict 9+ pds. at maturity.

Paige X Forrest

Toy/Miniature Australian Shepherd litter born 4/18/18 Ready 6/13/18

1 Black-tri male & 2 Black-tri females

Laney X Campfire 

Born July 6, 2018 

Ready August 31, 2018

Sadie X Partiot

Born August 6, 2018

Ready October 1, 2018

"SideKick" AVAILABLE $2000 Red Merle Toy male

"Sassy" AVAILABLE $2400 Red Merle Toy female