These darling Toy Aussies make the greatest pets. They adore children. Beautiful coats easily maintained. Training is a breeze due to them being born smart! Ours are pet door trained from 5 wks. of age, weather permitting. We are producing 3rd, 4th & 5th generation Tug@YurHart Toys Australian Shepherds.

Be sure to read our Guarantee,Puppy care, & Guestbook pages from our previously placed pups!  We are rated A+ with BBB, licensed with CO Dept. of AG & AKC inspected.

Please text or call Kimberly Jones at 970-234-1596


Available for sale Toy/Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies pictured below:

Toy/Miniature  Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in CO
***Our Toy/Small Miniature Australian pups are always vet checked, prior to coming home to you if sufficient time has been given.  We also administer their vaccines & dewormings on a timely schedule (please go to our puppy care page).  We give a 1 yr. health guarantee on puppies $900 and up.  Our puppies are pet door trained to eliminate outdoors. Weather permitting of course.  We like our Toy Aussies to be right at 3# before going home.  Sometimes this means keeping them until 9-10 wks. of age.  Extra attention needs to be given to tiny puppies to assure their good health.

Hi! I am so sorry.  I just found this text that I thought I had sent.  I wrote it right after I picked up Petunia.  She is pefect for this household and we love her a lot..

.........Petunia is such a sweetie!  It does not look like she got sick on the flight.  So that's good.  Thank you so much!  

Hi how's it going?  I have been having trouble with my email, and am not sure if you received the update on Jade.

It has been a great couple weeks since Jade first came home, but I have named her Squizzy Longsocks, Squizzy for short.  Everyone here loves her and a I feel like a pretty lucky pet parent.  Her are some pictures of her.

Hi there!  Made it home safely!  My girls are a little annoyed with me buth they are coming around.  I decided to name her Kali after the hindu goddess of life, death and rebirth.  I'm a yoga teacher and Kali is a strong and mighty goddess.  Kali is also my California girl, so it works well and she seems to like it!  Anyhow, thank you so much.  I love her to bits.  Such a good girl already doing her business on the pee pads and soooo sweet, hardly a peep out of her, until there is and she's likely to be a talker!

Happy Holidays!

Nancy G. of Oceanside, CA *her 2nd Toy 10 years later.

Super happy with our dog!  Home safe.  Thank you so much.  He was a trooper.

7lbs and so awesome...He is a little OCD which is fine because he picks up all the toys in the living room and puts them in various beds.

We accept payment thru Paypal (link on our information page,  credit card information over phone, text or email, Venmo or Zelle

Kimberly, we purchased a toy aussie from you about 5 years ago.  Her name was Gabby and we named her Bella.  Just wanted to let you know she is the smartest dog with a great personality.  Thank you!

Tony T. of N.Y.

Hi Kimberly, just wanted to let you know Justine now (Tucker) has made it home safe, he is such a good traveler and a perfect choice for us.  He is well adapted to his new home and is super playful and spunky....well worth the trip....thank you....

Sean & Delilah Gardnerville, NV

She is officially part of the crew!  Thank you so much Kim she's a little blessing!

Summit took Maple (new name) right in and made her feel at home.

I can't believe how chill this little pup is.  You and Kriss breed great pups!  Thank your for meeting up with my ladies yesterday and making it happen.

Steamboat Spgs., CO

We couldn't be more happier with our new addition to the family.  He seems healthy and showing no signs of syptoms.

He's an amazing dog and you guys do a great job with them.  

Yes he is very calm but he has spurts of energy and can be feisty at times.

Telluride, CO

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Tug At Yur Hart of CO has Toy/Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies listed for sale on,, and 

Hello , this is Kristy, I just wanted to let you know that we made it home safely with Gerald (now Riley) and he is fitting in well here!  He has friends to play with and they are being gentle and loving.  He enjoys his new toys and his bed!  He has stolen my heart in less than 24 hours!  The vet is closed today (since it's Sunday) but we are calling the vet in the morning to get him a checkup)  Thank you very much, you can tell this little guy had alot of love and care before we got him, now he's gonna be my spoiled baby!


We want to take the time to thank you for the most wonderful experience we have ever had with finding an Australian Shepherd.  Over the last 30 years my wife Christine and I have had many Aussie's, both from great blood lines and from adoption facilities.  Working with you Kimberly, you have helped us understand this breed better than we ever did, both about training methods and nutrition needs.  The little girl you sent to us is as perfect as they come.  She is healthy and full of life, and ready to give us many years of enjoyment.  We have never had a baby like her adapt so quickly to her new environment which tells me that she was well kept and trained by either you or your team. 

I would recomment to anybody who looking for a great dog to add to their lives, make sure and look at the Dandy Dogs website.  If the breed that they are looking for has been handled by your team, Kimberly they should choose that dog.

Chris, Allie, Dakota and I will always be thankful for you bringing all of us together.

HershyMichael R. Hershberger

Yes, I read it, I will get her the puppy proplan.  I will email you when I get home from the flight and keep you posted if I have any questions if that's okay :) She's doing so well on the ride home she's so quiet and so good!  You are a great dog breeder, I thank you so much for Sassy!

Thank you Kimberly!  She's SUCH a great dog, how did I get so lucky?  She was completely worth the travel!  We just boarded our plane Sassy says hi!

Deposit from Susan S. of Hendersonville, NC *wanting a small tri male with blue eyes.



Early deposits of $300 being accepted to reserve a puppy from these litters. We will keep them 8 weeks past their birth.


Gerde our blue merle Toy Aussie female has bred Rambo our blue-eyed black-tri Toy Aussie male to produce this litter born April 7, 2021 ready June 2, 2021 @ 8 weeks of age.

More puppies available below as well as upcoming litters!

"Gibbs" GONE HOME WITH FRITZ & CONNIE H. OF CENTENNIAL, CO *THEIR DAUGHTERS HV 3 OF OUR TOY AUSSIES!  $3000 Blue Merle Toy Aussie male with 2 blue eyes!  Only 3 lbs. 6 oz. @ 12 weeks of age.

"Glade" GONE HOME WITH CONNIE L. OF PARACHUTE, CO  $2500 Black Tri Toy Aussie male with 2 blue eyes!  Only 2 lbs. 12 oz. @ 12 weeks of age.

Paige our black-tri 18 lb. Toy Aussie has this blue merle litter with Sidekick our blue-eyed red merle 16 lb. stud.  Puppies born May 10, 2021 ready @ 8 weeks of age on July 5, 2021.


$3000 Blue Merle Toy Aussie male *possibly 2 blue eyes!


 $2500 Blue Merle Toy Aussie male *1 blue eye & 1 hazel

"Pickles" AVAILABLE $3000 Blue Merle Toy Aussie male.  He has a cowlick.  *possibly 2 blue eyes!

"Princess" AVAILABLE $3500 Blue Merle Toy Aussie female *1 blue & 1 brown eye

**These 2 brothers are pet door trained to eliminate outside.  They will be smaller Toys like Mom only being 2 lbs. @ 8 weeks old.

New litter born May 26, 2021 of Toy Australian Shepherds from Chloe our black-tri Toy female & Patriot our Harlequin Red Merle Toy male.  Puppies ready July 21, 2021 @ 8 weeks of age.

"Cassie" GONE HOME WITH KAMMI C. OF GRAND JCT., CO  $3500 Red Merle Toy Aussie female *possibly blue eyes

"Colt" AVAILABLE $3200 Blue Merle Toy Aussie male with full white collar * 2 blue eyes

"Cindy" AVAILABLE $2000 Black-tri Toy Aussie female with full white collar

Tika our 13 lb. black-tri Toy Australian Shepherd female bred Patriot our 12 lb. red merle male.  Puppies born June 30, 2021 ready @ 8 weeks of age on August 25, 2021.

"Tessy" AVAILABLE $1300 Black-tri Toy Aussie female

"Tia" AVAILABLE $1500 Black-tri Toy Aussie female with white blaze

"Taz" AVAILABLE $1500 Red-tri Toy Aussie male with white blaze

"Teddy" AVAILABLE $1000 Black-tri Toy Aussie male

"Tango" AVAILABLE $3000 Red Merle Toy Aussie male *possibly 2 blue eyes!

Icee our blue merle female has this litter of Toy Australian Shepherds with Campfire our red tri stud.  Born July 9, 2021 ready & 8 weeks of age on September 3, 2021.

"Ike" AVAILABLE $1200 Black-tri Toy Aussie male

"Ice" AVAILABLE $3200 Blue Merle Toy Aussie male with full white collar and possibly 2 blue eyes!

"Isha" AVAILABLE $2000 Black-tri Toy Aussie female with full white collar

"Izzy" AVAILABLE $1700 Black-tri Toy Aussie female

"Iris" AVAILABLE $3500 Blue Merle Toy Aussie female with full white collar and possibly 2 blue eyes!