*Our Miniature Dachshund pups always come with dewclaws removed,  up-to-date on their vaccines & dewormings, also with 1 yr. Health Guarantee if $900 or more. Be sure to read our Puppy Care page for preparation as well as our Guestbook page from our many happy new families! Early deposits of $250 will reserve your puppy. PAYPAL LINK IS ON INFORMATION PAGE. Can also take credit card information over phone.

Available Miniature Dachshund puppies pictured below:


Call or text Kimberly Jones at

970-234-1596 to discuss her Dachshunds

Our email: info@dandydogs.net

Wirehair Dachshund puppies in CO
Chocolate/tan smoothcoat Mini Dachshund puppies in CO
Chocolate Smooth Miniature Dachshund puppies in CO

We can ship your Miniature Dachshund puppy to your state for $345-400 (Only $475 for 2 puppies in the same crate) . Can fly your puppy to Denver, CO for $150 to be received at Centennial Airport morning & evening flights. Both options include a crate you keep.

Chocolate Smooth Dachshund puppies for sale

 Miniature Dachshunds, known by many names: Dachsies, Doxies, Weiner Dogs & Hot Dogs are truly a delightful little breed.  Brave little individuals who love people. Never seem to know a stranger. Hysterical to watch as they run being propelled by their tail.  You can tell they are having FUN!

It's easy to see why they come in so many colors (black, black/tan, black/cream, red, red sable, chocolate, chocolate/tan, blue, blue/tan, Isabella, Isabella/tan, English cream and wildboar) and patterns (Brindle, Dapple & Piebald (all these patterns come in all colors)) and hair textures.  You can't have just one!  But how do you decide?  Smoothcoats are no work at all. A true wash-n-wear dog ever so well-built. Longhaired need minimal grooming, mostly just behind the ears, though so worth it when you get to pet that amazingly silky soft coat.  Wirehaired are just so darn adorable with easy care.  Kinda got that gruffy, grumpy look going but we are finding them to be the sweetest natured of them all.

Skye & Speckles-n-Spots Miniature Dachshund litter born July 6, 2018

Ready August 31, 2018

"Soldier" AVAILABLE $1200 as a pet or $1400 with his Full AKC.  He is really nice and friendly.  Gets along well with whatever puppy he is with! Isabella/tan Dapple Piebald smoothcoat Mini Dachsie male.  His right eye is blue, left eye green.  Adult weight 8 pds.

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*Found in Compliance again with PACFA (CO Department of Agriculture) on 10/24/18

Destiny X Speckles-n-Spots born 10/25/18 ready 12/20/18

"Destiny" AVAILABLE $1600 Solid Chocolate Miniature Dachshund smoothcoat female

Dachshund puppies :)

JoJo X Snoopy's Miniature Dachshund litter born November 12, 2018 ready January 7, 2019

"Jennie" AVAILABLE $1300. Black/tan Brindle markings  Mini Dachsie smooth female

"Jasmine" AVAILABLE $1300 Black smooth Mini Dachsie female

"Jordan" AVAILABLE $1500 AS A PET OR $1800 WITH HIS FULL AKC. Blue/Tan Brindle smoothcoat Miniature Dachshund male 

Harper  and  Whatchamacallit's Miniature Dachshund litter born December 6, 2018 ready January 31, 2019

"Hondo" AVAILABLE $1800 Isabella/Tan Piebald with ticking smoothcoat male

Francie & Snoopy have this smoothcoat Miniature Dachshund litter born December 20, 2018 ready Valentine's Day February 14, 2019

"Falcon"  RESERVED FOR ERIKA P. OF AURORA, CO $1100 Milk Chocolate/Tan smoothcoat male


Upcoming Miniature Dachshund litters:

Early deposits of $250 are being accepted to reserve a future puppy.  Deposits are Non-refundable but can be transferred to another litter.

Veronica & Ollie confirmed pregnancy expecting Miniature Dachshunds February 18, 2019 or after!  Litter will have Isabella/tan & Chocolate/tan Dapples, Pieds and solids.


*wanting a male and female

Indy & Ajax confirmed pregnancy expecting Miniature Dachshund litter February 28, 2019 or after!  Black/tan, Chocolate/tan, Cream in solids and full brindle coats.

Skye & Speckles-n-Spots are expecting Miniature Dachshund litter February 28, 2019 or after! Pregnancy is confirmed. Blue/tan, Isabella/tan in dapples, pieds and solids.

Lady & Tuxedo are expecting March 6, 2019 or after!  Litter of Miniature Dachshund should be red solids, black/tan solids and red dapples expected in smoothcoats.

Periwinkle & Snoopy expecting March16, 2019 or after.  Litter of Miniature Dachshunds should be smoothcoated in Piebalds, Brindles and solids.

Rayna & Rottie's litter of 5 Miniature Dachshunds 4 smoothcoats & 1 longhair born February 4, 2019 and ready at 8 weeks of age on April 1, 2019! 

Annie and Rottie breeding anyday.  Miniature Dachshund smoothcoat litter will have black/tan and chocolate/tan dapples, piebalds and solids.

"Rawlins" RESERVED BY MONICA G. OF DENVER, CO $2000 Black/Silver/Tan Dapple smoothcoat male

"Rolly" AVAILABLE $1100 as a pet or $1300 with his AKC. Chocolate/tan smoothcoat male

"Rayder" AVAILABLE $900 as a pet or $1100  with his AKC. Chocolate with white on chest smoothcoat male

"Randi" AVAILABLE $1300 Black smoothcoat female

"Rika" AVAILABLE $1300 as a pet or $1500 with her AKC. Black/tan longhair female

Reeses & Ollie are expecting smoothcoated Miniature Dachshund puppies April 12, 2019 or after.  Colors should include dapples and solids in Chocolate/tan and Isabella/tan.

Raven & Ajax are expecting April 14, 2019 or after.  Their Miniature Dachshund litter will consist of smoothcoats in Black/tan, Chocolate/tan Dapples & solids with or without brindle markings.

Poppy and Snoopy are expecting next!  Their Miniature Dachshund litter will consist of Piebalds in Black/tan, Chocolate/tan in wirehair and possibly smoothcoats.

Kaitlynn and Papa Smurf will be breeding anyday.  Smoothcoated Miniature Dachshunds expected in Blue/tan, Isabella/tan Dapples and Solids.

Georgia Sweet Pie and Speckles-n-Spots will also be breeding anyday.  Smoothcoated Miniature Dachshunds expected in Chocolate/tan, Isabella/tan Piebalds and Dapples.

Sweet Pea and Mr. Bean are expecting March 6, 2019.  Wirehair Miniature Dachshund litter in reds and black/tans.