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Another one like "Sadie" AKA Esmeralda She’s doing wonderfully! She’s a total delight! “Sadie” is calm, not a big barker, loves other animals. A sweetie, but she is a little devil – very funny. Has her own agenda.   Tammie D. of Seattle, WA

Dated 7/14/2013-2/4/2008

 Thought you might like a picture of Mackenzie. She found this dog bone and was sooo proud, prancing it up and down the kitchen looking for a spot to keep it safe. She is one of the most lovable, cuddly little girl. Still can't quit get her color yet, it may have to wait till that adult coat comes in.  Debra CT

I picked up "Bodie" from the airport a few days ago. He was a little shaken from the long trip from the plane being delayed.But Within 10 minutes,he was very playful and loving. Just within a couple of days after bringing him into our home,we noticed how amazing this little guy is! He is very intelligent! Thanks to you he already knows his name, and is using pee wee pads after only being told twice. He has alot of energy, and loves to cuddle. Him and my cockapoo get along great! This pup is definitely priceless!! I couldn't be happier to have him as part of our family! Thank you for allowing us to adopt Bodie!! :) HUGS- Lauren

Omg we just absolutely love Lola.. What a sweetheart she is. We were so surprised that she doesn't even act scarred or nervous. She seems so happy and playful. Thanks for letting us take her into our home. She is already spoiled rotten! :) I was wondering what date is it that she will be ready for her next round of shots? Thanks again for everything. Jessica and Cody

Boomer settled in great!!! Him and are two dachounds have been running and playing most of the day today. Thanks amanda

Hi Kimberly- I LOVE my dog, he is smart, fun, great with the grandkids, easy to train etc. Thank you. We are looking for a special dog for my Mom who is 87, she had to put her pug to sleep (17!). An older dog would be great but not so easy to find. A mini weenie would be wonderful but it has to be house broken and not too energetic etc. Just thought I would put a bug in your ear. Sincerely, Susan Reynolds and Spencer

I would like to know more about your tri colored blue eyed pups. Your web site is wonderful and your utube videos show some beautiful happy looking healthy pups.. I live in Youngstown Ohio. Does the pricing for your pups include shipping? How big do the toys get? Also how big do the minis get? Look ing forward to hearing from you. Thank you Sue Hess

Here's a pic of Mik with our other toy Aussie who weighs 14#. I thought it would let you see how big and lovable he is. He still thinks he is a lap dog, which clearly isn't true. He is a snuggle bug and has a funny stash of trash that he has hoarded in the back yard. Mik makes sure he tucks us in every night and then gets us up every morning...even on days off. LOL. He runs to get my socks every morning and waits in the front yard until I get home. At night he barks at anyone who dares to drive within a smile of our house. We adore him. Mik's parents were Jelly Bean and Jolly your next two litters won't work for us. Are you able to get breed a female Merle puppy who isn't mik's sibling and still big enough to breed to him? We hope so. :-) Julie

Ok thanks! And yes we are just loving him!!! He is so smart and loving!

Thank you! Keep us posted! Maddie is soooooooooooooooooooo much fun. Kelby and her are inseperable! It is funny, she goes out to "do her thing" and sits at the door and barks if she sees Kelby at the dining room table. When inside, she never leaves Kelby alone and will bark at him if he does not pay attention to her. They sleep together every night. She is so smart! She fetches, sits, stays, etc. Hope all is well! Sally Toy Aussie

Pugs Teddy and Taffy are 2 1/2 yrs. now. They are healthy and happy and are a joy to me and my husband. Their cute expressions and loving nature truly tugatyurheart. Pugs are the best!  Sharon D.

Kim, I can't believe what an angel she is! She is already so comfortable and so happy. She has been sleeping in her crate at night and barely whimpers and is already potty trained and knows her spot ! We can't believe it. I wanted to ask you about collar or harness. Right now she has been awesome with following us but Around town have been carrying her. Should we wait a little or what is your advice with that? We could not be happier! Taylor and Tessier  Portland, OR

Hi Kimberly, Sadie arrived safe and sound, not a wimper and with a clean kennel! When we got home she was a little scared, lasted maybe 5 minutes. She's already following my dog Tuff around (he's horrified! LOL). Anyway, all is well - actually, much better than I could have imagined! What a great little girl. Thank you so much for putting in the extra time crate and car training!! Best, Tammi  Portland, OR

Hello Kim, Hope all is well with you and you family. I just wanted to give you a update on Crosby (Boyd), he is awesome, he fits perfectly with our family!!! He has adjusted well and is one wild and crazy pug;)) The incident at PetSmart surprised me, I thought the lady was kidding I guess not. It made a great story to tell my friends, LOL!!! Thanks for the beautiful pugs. Delcie

hello Kimberly, here is a picture of Cheyenne she will be a year old this Friday she is a great dog thanks for her she has help us from the lost of our other dogs thanks again from bonnie & bobby Hancock here in parachute  

Hi There, Here are a few recent photos of Sawyer and his best friend Satchi. Sawyer is doing very well and loves his agility. We are so pleased with him ... can you believe he's almost nine months old already and he actually hit eleven pounds which I never thought would happen. Hope all is well at your end! Colette  CO

Hello Kim, I'm reaching out to you to find out some more information on some of the Mini Aussies you have. Back in February 2010, I got Foxy from you, and my fiance and I absolutely love her. She has grown into such a fantastic dog, and we are looking to get her a playmate and add another Aussie into our family. She actually looks like a clone of her mom Foxy. Here's some pics for you just to see how she's come along. Looking at getting another female pup. Do you have any additional pictures of Jalissa, Hana, Farrah, Laila, or Lacey that you could send over? Also saw that Starburst and Redneck Country were about to have a litter. Did they have it yet? Thanks for all your help and for having such excellent Aussies!! - Vanessa Blore  CT

We got one of your pugs. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him. We have PoGee (Donnie) from Darling Dot & Johnny O. He is our 1st little dog. We have 3 huskies & 3 cats, ALL get along wonderfully!!!! I would totally get another pug!!! Thanks so very much Barry & Maria Hammaker  

Hi Kim & Kriss, I would like to purchase one of your Aussie puppies. I got my baby from you about 1.5 yrs ago and we just love him. He is a bmm, Jax from Laffy Taffy & Junior Mint. He is so great that we are ready to get another one so he will have a friend to play with. I can't decide between two of the red puppies you have from Hot Tamale & Red Neck Country. I am interested in Haven the rtm or Holly the rmf. I would like to meet the puppies in person to see their personality before I decide. I can send a deposit now and wanted to see if you could possibly hold both the puppies until I can meet them. I am from the Denver area and could be there on Sat. Feb 4th or if you are coming to the Denver area before that I could meet up with you. Please let me know if this is possible, I definitely want one of the two puppies. I could possibly be there on Mon Jan 30th but not sure yet, Feb 4th would be better for me. Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you. I have attached a picture of Jax, he is beautiful and I could not have ask for better. Thank you. Angela Sellier

Chantel (French Bulldog) is a love and doing just great is a very fast learner when she wants to be love her very much THANKS reba

Hi Kriss & Kimberly - 

Just wanted to let you know we made it home safe with Richard. He is doing great. And what a nugget! He gets funnier every day. He seems to learn quickly and has responded awesome to going potty outside; of course, much thanks to your initiating the doggie door at a young age :) thank you! He wakes us up at night to go potty and seems to be sleeping for longer periods each time he goes to bed. The puppy phase is so fun, but we are excited to see him grow! We'll send pictures as he gets bigger. 

Thanks again for everything. 
Happy New Year!

Addie & Eric

Apologize for not getting pictures back sooner of Chub’s (Ajay of Asia x Bruiser litter) progress. We have been very happy with him and his antics. You can just see the gears running in his brain when he is about to start something or trying to figure something out. He doesn’t quit until he has it accomplished. He is also a master at Jenga with our firewood stack. Here are a few photos as he has grown. And yes, he is quite the attention getter where ever he goes. Everyone loves him and he loves everyone.

Hi Kimberly,

Thanks for the correction, I'll be sure to make her vet appointment at the right time.

It has been a whirlwind week for us! Having a brand new puppy is so much like having a newborn baby. It's been nine years since I had a baby in the house, so I was a little rusty. But I think we are well on our way to having a regular routine we can all live with.

Phoebe (formerly Tabitha) is such an amazing little girl & we couldn't be more in love with her if we tried. She is so smart! She took to her crate from the very first night & mastered walking (crawling, really) up the stairs the next day. Going downstairs is a whole other story, but when she gets a little taller, I'm sure she will be a pro in no time.
She is such a playful little baby - that is, when she's not sleeping almost all day long!
House training is coming along pretty well for such a young puppy, I'm very proud of her progress so far. 

Thank you so much for letting us have her, she is the perfect dog for Jada and me. We will send more pix & updates periodically. Enjoy the attached pix, only a few of the many, many we have already :)

"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."
Katie K

I just wanted to let you know what an amazing little girl you gave us. She traveled the 8 hour drive home perfectly calm. Once home, she met our 2 other dogs and instantly wanted to play. She had a lot of visitors and was a little ham and so patient with the children. She slept in her crate with only a little whimper! We are so impressed with her disposition! Thank you again!

Dave & Janelle Thompson of WY

Kriss and Kim,

Thought I'd drop a line, and attach a couple of pictures of our now, nearly three years old bulldog, Moe. In June of 2010, you probably don't recall, but I called to let you know that Moe had torn both his posterior cruciate ligaments and would require bilateral tibial plateau leveling osteotomies (TPLO). He probably tore these trying to keep up with our boxer while romping in the park one day. Anyway, the surgery went well. We did both legs on the same day. Recovery was a bit awkard, but Moe was a champ. He now is an avid hiker going on treks as long as 12 miles. He completed his first fourteener last fall, climbing to the summit of Torrey's Peak.

I picked getting a bulldog for numerous reasons, but first and foremost, was that he wouldn't be a hiking companion. My husband had been hiking with two boxers for several years and was ready to just have one hiking dog. Go figure. A lean and agile hiking bulldog; Moe is pretty atheletic and amazing.

Karen Watkins  Denver, CO

I finally had a minute to write and let you know all is going great! He's such a sweetheart!! He's getting along great with us and our other 2 dogs. I think he thinks he as big as they are! He has figured out how to get back in the doggy door but hasn't made it out. I know it's only a matter of time though. My husband and I were surprised at how well he is doing. Not timid or shy just acts like he's been here forever! It's great!

The Broncos HQ was right across the road from the airport so of course we had to snap a picture even with the news of Manning signing! The HQ building itself was swarming with news crews so we settled for the store. We had a little trouble finding the hangar so by the time we got there the lady and other passengers had him out of the crate playing with him! We were only 5 minutes late but I guess his plane was early. It was my fault for not looking up directions. I knew where the airport was but that's all I knew. You might want to pass along to others to go in the North entrance and go all the way to the end. Key Lime is the last place. But you actually go to the building right before it that is Denver Air. Kind of confusing but we found it.

I'll try to get a full family picture one day this week and pass it on. Thanks again for helping us add to our family. I can't thank you enough!

Have a great day,

Hi Kim and Kris -
I just wanted to send you a picture of the two puppies we have bought from over the last few months. They are both doing wonderful and Archie (aka Laken) is now walking alot better. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me regarding his ability to walk.
Take care and thanks for the wonderful dogs.
Abby jones



Kim and Kriss, 
We purchased Lunchbox our male bully from you in March. My husband had always wanted one and he is our pride and joy. He has grown so much and we are excited to say he is getting ready fir his first dog show. We will be showing Lunchbox in confirmation, but he has also done exceptionally well in Rally training and for 8 months is an amazing boy. He is also a very big part of the family and was even at our wedding this June! We could not be happier. I will be sending more photos and hopefully some with ribbons. 

All the best to you and your family, we also have a website 

Oh and Lunchbox is now a patient of Dr. Bingham he is out in Fruita now. 

Thank You,
The O'Leary Family

Hello Jones Family!

It has been well over a year since we picked up our bully from you. I thought I would finally send you a few photos since we brought him home.  Thank you for our 4 legged family member, he fits in beautifully. :)  

Warm Regards,
Ricci Richards



Hi Kimberly,

I just wanted to send you a quick note that Elton (who's name is now Nero) made it home safe and sound and is adapting very well!  He is such a cutie, and all he wants to do is cuddle.  He's already using his potty patch we have placed outside for him and approaches the door when he needs to go.

I just wanted to thank you again, this is truly something we have wanted for a long time and we couldn't be happier with our pup!  We definitely know who to come back to for round 2 :)

Thanks again,



Hi Kimberly, I just thought I'd send some pictures of Sadie (formerly Ariel) helping me in the garden!  We are enjoying her so very much and our lab finally has a buddy who wants to play!  She is so affectionate and has proven to be very smart.  Thank you so much!  We absolutely Love her! 
The Hicks Family


Hello Kris and Kimberly,
              I just wanted to update you on how Kannah (Alexa) is doing. She has definitely just made herself a big part of our family right away! Her favorite things are: to chase the kids, play with Bella (our big dog), Chew on her toys, chase a laser light :), and snuggle during nap time! Thank you so much for our new little piece of chaos! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you guys "dog door" train them....It has helped tremendously!! She is over all a wonderful little girl and we already couldn't imagine life without her. 
The photos are of Kannah and Bella, and Kannah and our kids (Keilie and Liam).

Have a Blessed Day!
Beth Milam


Happy Mother's Day from Lizzie's Little Diamond.  I was born July 24,2010 and was called Little Diamond.  I am Harley now and I live with my new parents Jeff and April, brothers Brenden and Jaden and a sister Meredith in Colorado Springs.  I am very happy and growing like a weed.  I am 10 months old and weigh 60 pounds.  I wanted to share a few pictures of me, a few when I was smaller and some of me now.  I am very happy and loved with my new family, I love going for rides in the car, playing with my human brothers and sisters and of course sleeping. My new mom does daycare from home so she is home with me all day and always has a lot of friends that come everyday to play with me.  Their parents come just to see me (they love me) and I love the attention I get from them.  
Well Happy Mother's Day mom, I hope you have a wonderful day! 
With love,
Harley aka Little Diamond

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Hello Kris and Kimberly,
              I just wanted to update you on how Kannah (Alexa) is doing. She has definitely just made herself a big part of our family right away! Her favorite things are: to chase the kids, play with Bella (our big dog), Chew on her toys, chase a laser light :), and snuggle during nap time! Thank you so much for our new little piece of chaos! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you guys "dog door" train them....It has helped tremendously!! She is over all a wonderful little girl and we already couldn't imagine life without her. 
The photos are of Kannah and Bella, and Kannah and our kids (Keilie and Liam).

Have a Blessed Day!
Beth Milam

Certified Consultant-Scentsy Wickless

Hi Kimberly, I just thought I'd send some pictures of Sadie (formerly Ariel) helping me in the garden!  We are enjoying her so very much and our lab finally has a buddy who wants to play!  She is so affectionate and has proven to be very smart.  Thank you so much!  We absolutely Love her! 
The Hicks Family


Here is a recent picture if you are interested.

Hermann is doing well, over 50 pounds now! So far seems to be healthy and happy.



 Here are a few pics of Cupcakes! The first is our 6 year old, Harlow, dressing HIM up in her clothes! The second is his favorite nap spot on our couch. The 3rd is from our trip to MI last week. He rides on the airplane right with us... because we use him as an Emotional Support Pet! Isn't he gorgeous?!  The Warwick's




This is Amy Que, we adopted "Sweetie" in Feb 09.  Her name is Opal now.  I just wanted to let you know that she is the most wonderful dog we have ever had.  I gave birth to our third baby at home, and Opal would not leave my side throughout the entire labor.  When the baby was actually being born, my midwife kept trying to lock Opal out of the room, but she kept magically appearing back at my side.  She wanted to make sure that everything was alright and she was one of the first faces my son saw!  Opal is wonderful with the kids, the cats, and other dogs.  She She loves to run and play, and she loves to eat!  I can't say a bad word about her.  I wish I had 10 more like her.  I just sent some pics of Opal with the kids so other people can see what a great choice bulldogs are for families with young kids.  Thanks for the best dog ever!



Hi Kimberly!

I just wanted to let you know that little Sweetie is doing wonderful!  I am crate training her, and she is such a good girl going potty outside.  At night (and I know this is bad) I've been putting her in bed with me.  She just snuggles right up and no accidents!  She loves our boxer and lab and they love her too!  She has no fear of the big dogs.

She is great with the kids.  She doesn't even nip like most puppies do.  We are just so in love and couldn't be happier with her!  I'm still trying to come up with a name, but it has to be just right for such a special girl!

Sweetie is the perfect mix of sweet, cuddly, and fiesty.  Thanks for the perfect dog!




Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful bulldog puppy!!  She is so adorable and has made herself right at home with our other female bully.  I took her to our vet today and they said she checked out great.  Thanks again.

Sara Lockwood


Thank you for having such pride in your dogs.  My Vet is so inpressed with him.  She says that he's perfect!  His quality is fantastic and he's super heathy.  Thank you so much!!  Chris & Jess.





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