*Our Miniature Dachshund pups always come with dewclaws removed,  up-to-date on their vaccines & dewormings, also with 1 yr. Health Guarantee if $1000 or more. Be sure to read our Puppy Care page for preparation as well as our Guestbook pages from our many happy new families!  Puppy care & Health Guarantee are drop down pages found under INFORMATION above. Early deposits of $250 or $500 will reserve your puppy. PAYPAL LINK IS ON INFORMATION PAGE. Also have Venmo & Zelle or can take credit card information over phone, text or email.

Available Miniature Dachshund puppies for sale in Crawford, CO 81415:


Text or call Kimberly Jones at

970-234-1596 to discuss her Dachshunds or my husband Kriss at


Our email: info@dandydogs.net

Wirehair Dachshund puppies in CO
Chocolate/tan smoothcoat Mini Dachshund puppies in CO
Chocolate Smooth Miniature Dachshund puppies in CO
Chocolate Smooth Dachshund puppies for sale

 Miniature Dachshunds, known by many names: Dachsies, Doxies, Weiner Dogs & Hot Dogs are truly a delightful little breed.  Brave little individuals who love people. Never seem to know a stranger. Hysterical to watch as they run being propelled by their tail.  You can tell they are having FUN!

It's easy to see why they come in so many colors (black, black/tan, black/cream, red, red sable, chocolate, chocolate/tan, blue, blue/tan, Isabella, Isabella/tan, English cream and wildboar) and patterns (Brindle, Dapple & Piebald (all these patterns come in all colors)) and hair textures.  You can't have just one!  But how do you decide?  Smoothcoats are no work at all. A true wash-n-wear dog ever so well-built. Longhaired need minimal grooming, mostly just behind the ears, though so worth it when you get to pet that amazingly silky soft coat.  Wirehaired are just so darn adorable with easy care.  Kinda got that gruffy, grumpy look going but we are finding them to be the sweetest natured of them all.

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*Found in Compliance again with PACFA (CO Department of Agriculture) on 3/22/23

Our AKC inspections began in 2006.  PACFA since 2010.

Dachshund puppies :)


Many more customers have shared their stories on our Guestbook pages under the "information" tab!

She went to see Dr. Hellman today.  He is considered about her weight (only 2 lbs.).  She overall healthy.  She got a booster shot today.  I had the stool test done..All checked out well.  I have will put weight on her.  I will keep on eye on it.  My Vet wants me to make sure she eats every two to four hours.  She was truly lovedby my vet and staff.  I changed her name to Emmie Lou.  I will take exceptional care of her.  So have have two girls, Susie Q and Emmie Lou.  Thank your for everything.

I hope I am not bothering you with my pictures and videos.  I just love her so much.

She spends every minute with me.  She is getting spoiled.

It's going great! He's crazy but we love him! Him and Doug are best friends

Hey Kim!  Malone is doing wonderful he ate almost right away after his flight and is drinking water about every hour.  He slept pretty much all night and has already started going #2 out side when we take him after feeding.  He is a wonderful loving little boy and we could not be happier.

We are going to try and get him to the vet on wed.  And plan to have him chipped and neutered within the next 4 weeks.

Little Woody from Chicago update.  He is as handsome as ever.  Sleeps all night without moving.  Every day he wakes up in a good mood.  Good watchdog.  Incredible soccer player with the small ball could play for hours.  Very ferocious on walks with any dog bigger than him.  But we are working on this.  His health is good.  He is a cute little character.  Everybody knows Woody.

I just wanted to give you an update on Chip.  He went to the vet last Thursday and the vet said he is "perfect".  Which we already knew.  He is such a smart puppy too.  He has had only 1 accident in the house so far.  He has been going potty in the same spot outside and looks forward to the treats every time!  He is getting up once a night to go potty and sleeps to about 7:00am.  We feel so lucky!  He has such a great personality too!  He loves lots of attention and loves fetching things.  Thanks again for such a great puppy!!

Keep scrolling down for past puppies and customers updates!  Also check out our Guestbook pages at top of screen.

Hi! Everything went smoothly on the ride back - he only whimpered about 30 min and he was in my lap most of the drive.  He is adorable and loving every minute.  I've been thinking about his brothers - not sure we need another but keep me posted if the don't sell.  Thanks again for such a smooth process and adorable puppy.

Thanks! At the vet!

He's doing great.

Just wondering.  Juniper went for a checkup mid September '19 at 15 months old.  She was in perfect health but only weighed 6.9 pounds.  Is that normal for your puppies?  The vet said he thought she looked great.

She's such a sweet girl and just made it to 6 months old!  She learned how to play fetch this week!  She loves her toys, chewing on bully sticks, and her sleep.  She's such an awesome little puppy.

Natalie S.

Thank you so much!  I'll keep an eye out for it.  Everything is going great!  Winston has been a wonderful addition to our family.  Can't thank you enough!

Theresa S. of Denver, CO

I would like to thank you for a wonderful puppy.  I adopted Ranfield who is a silver/black long-haired mini dachshund.  From the very first night he immediately went to sleep when the lights were turned off.  He is 7 months now and is very smart.  He is able to sit, give me his paw, roll-over, back up, jump for a high five and only understands German.  His name is Huckleberry He has a very humorous character.  Here's a pic of my buddy. Marti

We are home and so happy!  She eats like a champ (or a dachshund) and is totally a cuddle bug.  Thanks so much again.

Harper & Rottie


Upcoming Miniature Dachshund litters:

Early deposits of $250 on puppies less then $3,000 & $500 on puppies $3,000 & up are being accepted to reserve a future puppy.  Deposits are Non-refundable but can be transferred to another litter.

Miniature Dachshund puppies in Crawford, CO 81415

Adorable Miniature Dachshund puppies                      available below 

Miniature Dachshund puppies for sale UT, Miniature Dachshund puppies for sale WY, Miniature Dachshunds NE, Miniature Dachshunds KS, Miniature Dacshunds NM, Miniature Dachshunds AZ

Destiny our solid chocolate smooth female weighing 8 1/2 lbs. has this litter of 3 with Cadbury our chocolate/tan dapple smooth male at 12 lbs.  

Born September 10, 2023

Ready November 5, 2023

"Dash"  AVAILABLE $1500 PET ONLY $500 MORE FULL AKC Blue/Tan Piebald smoothcoat male *3 lb. 10 oz. on 1/17/24

*will easily stay here.  He has a long back and long ears!

Deposit from William P. of NM *his 2nd dapple from us :) *wanting a chocolate/tan dapple female w/ blue eyes.

Elektra our 7 lb. red brindle smooth Miniature Dachshund has this litter with Baxter our 10 lb. black/cream longhair stud.

Puppies born September 27, 2023

Ready November 22, 2023 @ 8 weeks of age.

"Effi" AVAILABLE $2000 Red smoothcoat female *beautiful girl chocolate nose, carries for longhair.  I am prepared to keep her ;)

Jenny our 9 lb. Black/tan Brindle markings smooth Miniature Dachshund female bred Roly our 9 lb. Chocolate/tan Dapple smooth male.

Born 12/29/23

Ready 2/23/24

"Rudy" AVAILABLE  $1300 PET ONLY PRICE $600 MORE FULL AKC Chocolate/Tan Dapple male *1 blue/1 hazel eye

*weighing just over 7 lbs. on 6/4/24

Birdie, our black/tan wirehair Miniature Dachshund at 8 lbs. has this litter of 3 with Cadbury, our chocolate/tan dapple smoothcoat at 12 lbs.

Born March 3, 2024

Ready April 28, 2024

Birdie is the darker wire on the right.  Winnie her sis on the left.


Perdie our chocolate/tan smoothcoat female bred Tuxedo our 7 lb. black/silver/tan Dapple smoothcoat male.

Puppy born 4/25/24

Ready 6/20/24

Elektra our red brindle smoothcoat female bred Waffles our 9 lb. red smoothcoat male.

Puppies born May 2, 2024

Ready June 27, 2024

Polly our 10 lb. red smoothcoat dam bred Baxter our 10 lb. black/cream longhair stud. 

Puppies born May 21, 2024

Ready July 16, 2024

"Pepper" GONE HOME WITH HARLEY G. OF PUEBLO, CO $3000 Chocolate/Tan Dapple smoothcoat male

"Eliza" AVAILABLE $2500  Isabella/Tan smoothcoat female

2 beautiful red sisters!

Above is Polly named after Mom.  She is also smoothcoated.

Below is little sister Penny who is a longhair like Dad. ON HOLD FOR SHERLY OF GA *HAS ADOPTED SOO MANY FROM US :)

$2500 each

Pearl & Cadbury expecting before end of June 2024!

Daisy our chocolate/tan Dapple smoothcoat Miniature Dachshund dam weighing 8 lbs. has a new litter with Tigger our blue/tan brindle smoothcoat stud weighing 7 lbs.

Born June 3, 2024

Ready July 29, 2024

"Drummer" AVAILABLE $1800 Isabella smoothcoat male

"Dory" AVAILABLE $2300

Isabella smoothcoat female

"Dizzy" AVAILABLE $2000 Chocolate smoothcoat female