Hi this is Rita S. (CO Spgs., CO Toy Aussie) I wanted to let you know that Rylee is doing great. She’s getting along with the other dogs and have met the horses. She is very smart and learns really fast. I took her to the vet Monday and everything is fine. Thank you for such a great puppy.

 Good morning. Let me start by saying I purchased my 2 toy aussies 2 years ago and they are my EVERYTHING. It was the absolute best choice I’ve ever made. The reason for my email, I was talking with people in work and registering with AKC came up. Yes.... two years later. I’m not sure why this has never crossed my mind and I know I’m outside of the desired registration time. However, I’d still like to go ahead and do that. So I was looking through the paperwork from purchasing both dogs. Did they come with papers? I only have a receipt for one with your guarantees and everything. The second dog has the receipt plus a vet print out. What papers do I need to register them with the AKC and if I don’t have them, is it possible to get copies from you? My pups were: Balu (renamed Bandit) DOB 01/12/2016 Abilene (renamed Dakota) DOB 02/12/2016 Any info to move forward would be appreciated. Thank you so much! I can never thank you enough for the joy and love you placed in our home with these babies. I’ve also enclosed a few recent pictures. Feel free to share. Dakota is the outdoor picture. Bandit is the polite gentleman with his paws folded (that is how he always lays and he is just the absolute sweetest thing!! It matches his loving personality. Dakota is more independent and aggressive.) Thanks again. Nicole (Connecticut)

 Forgot to mention our little guys got new names. Tory’s pup is Archer and Chase’s pup is Phobos. (Chase is in to astronomy). Thanks again. We love these little guys ❤️🐾

 We just brought home 2 handsome miniature Australian Shepherds and we all are absolutely in love 😍. They are for my sons Chase and Tory. We can’t thank Kimberly and her family enough for having such beautiful healthy babies. We are over the moon 🌙❤️

 Ramzey" is doing great! He is very loving, healthy, and he is loved by many! He is sociable to everybody that meets him and everyone constantly compliments his color! Thank you and I will be sure to keep you up to date!

Lindsey N.C. Miniature Dachshund

 Here is your creation, now five months old. She's over 6 lbs now, and she has learned how to ring the bell-chimes to be let out to potty. We are living in Germany now, and in a house with our own backyard, and she is overjoyed to have all this space inside and outside to run and play. We are working at getting her a spay appointment, hopefully scheduled in January. She is compliant with having her nails trimmed, and with getting brushed. She's not much of a walker outside. She nips at my pants legs, but I think that's because she's trying to herd me, so perhaps she can't help doing it despite my verbal corrections. Happy New Year! Jerry and Eveline  FL  Toy Aussie

 Yep. She drank. She scarfed down much kibble. We did a short lookit-me training with clicker and treats. She pee'd and had a nice poo. What a trooper! She's working on a himalayan cheese chew now.

 Just wanted to let you know that Axel did super on the trip to AZ. He's just a little love and we couldn't be happier! We really bonded yesterday in the car. He slept all night in his crate and was an angel!  Mary Toy Aussie

 Hi Kimberly, Darby is at home with me know. He is adorable. Thank you for your help!!  Tyler New York Mini Dachsie

 Hi just wanted to send you an updated pic of Penny, 5 mo today....well mannered and still loves to lick you to death

Taunya Mini DacHhsie Snowmass, CO

 Woody". Is doing great. Sleeping 7 hours Doing well with his bathroom training. Getting use to the big city. He won't walk the girls to school but he will walk back home perfectly. He is always very excited to see us and loving to everyone. Do u know what is the best fitting warmest coat to buy him for the winter please send a link when u have time. Thanks Kim. Every single person I walk by on the street says how cute he is.

Jack Mini Dachsie IL

 Just wanted to let you know Blake is doing great now. By far the best dog I've ever had. He is so well behaved and follows me off leash. Only thing I wasn't expecting is how popular he is. People stop their car just to come out and see him. I can barely get around the block, everyone stops us. You raise some good pups.

Steve Toy Aussie CA

 Very happy pups and kids!!!! Yes he has had no problem. I did not have to do anything. He eats like a horse! We named him Laydnen Little Layden.

Kristine Toy Aussies (3) Woodland Park, CO

 Hi Kriss and Kimberly,
I have been meaning to sent you a quick update on our little frenchie we got from you last fall, she is the white and brindle pied girl. She is the cutest little french bulldog with beautiful eyes. Best of all is her personality, she is calm and loving and has turned into a little lap dog, she has her funny side, like sleeping on her back with all fours up. In short, we are nuts about her, she has been a dream and is very willing to please(especially with a dog treat) thank you so much for a great addition to our family. P.S. We changed her name to Pearl from Candy, and she is 14 pounds, Fondly Julie

 a pic of harper aka London greatest dog and my best friend thank u so much u do such a wonderful job with your dogs I so glad 10 months ago I got her she been such a joy to our family
im definatly a bulldog lover forever now she has taught me a lot considering this is my first bully
thanks again
Jolene malinowski

 Hi Kriss and Kimberly,
I received my wonderful baby girl as a college graduation gift back in May of 2011. I have been meaning to email you a picture and thank you for my sweet baby girl! She is the love of my life, best friend, couldn't live without her! Sara (originally Dana, daughter of Daisy) has the funniest personality, she honestly makes me laugh everyday. She is one smart girl, yet very stubborn at times, actually all the time... typical English Bulldog I have learned. She gets along great with our other dog (Black Lab), at the beginning I didn't think they would ever warm up to each other, but it wasn't long until they were best friends and inseparable (a funny pair to see). Anyways, thanks for such a wonderful gift, she means the world to our family! We will keep in touch.

Thanks again!

Toy Aussie

Just thought I'd give you an update on this little guy. He now goes by the name of Tucker, he is very social and loves other dogs and people. He's been starting to learn new commands and is catching on to them very fast. He is super full of energy and loves to play all the time. This little guy is exactly what I was looking for and I am so glad I was able to find him. Thank you again.

I'm very impressed with the puppies and I have a friend that is impressed. She showed interest in Jax and Jace. Would it be possible to get a video of these two? Thanks Deb, Fort Lupton, Mini Dachsies

Hi Kimberly, We have been enjoying Plum. She really is like a fuzzy teddy bear. Our dog Kiara has also been having fun playing with her. Plum is surely at home now and we feel she will be the alpha dog in this house as she ages. She is smart and has had no issue snapping at Kiara when Kiara plays too rough. She chases Kiara around in the backyard and when Kiara just wants to roll around on the grass and be alone....here comes Plum running towards her then pounces right on top of Kiara. Of course, that stirs Kiara up then she chases Plum. Its funny to watch how they interact. Attached is a pic of Plum resting on my shoe as I was sitting at the table. She likes to follow me around, sometimes so close I feel I may step on her. Kiara has been closely observing Plum and in this pic, she is patiently waiting for Plum to move away from me so they can play some more. We are looking forward to her completing all her vaccines so we can take Plum for walks and visit parks . Have a great week ! Oh, how do I get those akc papers you spoke of for Plum ? Good Night : ) We are looking forward

Beverly, CA, Mini Dachshund

Just wanted you to see him!!! He's amazing He's a very happy boy!!! And we're madly in love with him.

Adrienne, FL, Toy Aussie

He's being a very good puppy (: Just thought I'd send you an update on the pup. As we got to know him more we decided the name Biscuit fit better than Frost (lol). He's a very good boy AND he just passed his Service Dog certification test (:

Brooke/ Grand Jct., CO/ Toy Aussie

I hope you don't mind, we renamed Mikayla to Penny Lane. All of our dogs have musical names. This is her spay certificate. She is such a love, and so much fun. We received the papers in the mail today. Thank you. She cracks me up.

Heidi, NM, Mini Dachsie

He home safe, sounds & adorable!! Thanks again! Chad doing great! Learned to sit in about 30 min Kimberly, Wanted U to know what a joy Chad is...he can now sit, lay down, up! & pick out 2 toys out of his box(shoe box)by name. He is working on 'down'. Had his 1st series shots ystdy. Thanks again so much!

Lorraine, Arvada, CO Toy Aussie

Hi Kimberly--just wanted to say thank you again. Tootsie(Pinky) is a total doll baby. I can't believe how sweet she is to everybody! We are totally smitten. You rock!

Amy, Denver, CO, Toy Aussie

We made it back and have been getting acquainted. All is well. He has an appetite and is playful with Cooper. Such a joy.

Marcy, Loveland, CO, Toy Aussie

Hi Kimberly, It has been a long day. My family including our other dog socialized with Plum calmly and carefully on the floor for three hours. Our dog didnt bark at her, she was happy to meet Plum. They kinda took turns following each other around and crawling on us. It was a peaceful happy event. Plum is sleeping soundly, whined a bit in her area earlier but I made sure she knew we were close by and soon after she fell asleep in her new puppy bed. She seems to be a sensible smart puppy. And yes, she is a calm loveable sweetheart. She ate and drank fine when she got to our home. I attached a pic of her sleeping. Sorry its kind of a dark pic, but didnt want to use the flash and disturb Plum. Thats it for now.....good night : )

Beverly, Sacramento, Mini Dachshund

We love our new puppy...and it was wonderful to meet both you and your husband ..You both are very nice..

How did you hear about this site? Looked everywhere on line..


Our two cuties! Just wanted you to know we had Rainee spayed yesterday. She weighs 9.6 lbs and Paxton weighs 16. Hope all is well with you. Thank you for blessing our life with these 2.

Valorie H., CO, Toy Aussies

I just wanted to say this puppy is the most lovable and cuddly dog I've ever had! Thank you again.

Teal F. Denver, CO Mini Dachsie

Hi Kimberly, we just wanted to thank you our little bundle of dachshund joy Dolly. Now named Precious. Is just fantastic. She has her potty pad training down in less then three days, which I find incredible. She checked out great at the vet. Truly has the best temperament. We could not be more pleased. If you ever need a reference we are here for you. Thank you again Haven and Erica Lithia, FL

I own one of your mini Aussies. We named him Oakley and he is now 4 and we love him so much! I am attaching two photos of him so you can see how beautiful he is. Not sure what his name was when we purchased him but we got him in August of 2012. I am looking to add to the family and would love a tiny teacup or micro Aussie. Do you ever get any that are this size? Specifically wanting a blue merle that looks similar to Oakley. Do you have a list to let interested people know when what they are looking for becomes available. > > Thanks!

Amy B.

Good Morning Kimberly. This is Marci. I wanted to let you know that we couldn't be more pleased with our new little girl. She checked out absolutely perfect at the vet yesterday. No parasites, no hernias, no heart murmur, no deformities, no abnormalities and awesome teeth and jaw alignment....but you probably already knew that. Anyway, she is such a joy and we are so happy that we found her....and you. Thank you.

Hi Kimberly, Thanks for getting back to me. Our vet said the same thing about her 'soft spot.' I kind of worried initially, but after more research, it is fairly common in some of the toy breeds. Baby (we renamed her to Sydney) is wonderful. We are so so happy to have her as a member of our family and our standard Aussie, Xena, is adapting well to having her around. Thanks again for everything! Best, Jenny

Hi Kimberly. My apologies for not calling you for two day. We absolutely love Scooby. We named him Milton. Playing with the kids right now actually as we speak. Sleeping great. Only had one accident in the house and that was my fault. Been a big time blessing. Love him.

Luke G. Greeley, CO Mini Dachsie

Hi Kimberly, Just wanted to let you know that Oscar made it all the way to Albuquerque! He didn’t pee once since it was so cold, but he did drink water and eat. And, he’s figured out how to pee at home! :-) He’s just adorable! Susan

Mini Dachshund

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Jones, First thing that I would like to tell you and I am sure that you have heard it before. We bought the best dog in the whole world from you!! I am asked by so many people where we got her from and if there are going to be anymore of her. The look on their faces of sadness when they learn that we have had her spayed is almost too much to take sometimes. But I do give them your name and website address. The reason I am sending you all this stuff is so we can get her registration papers. If there is anything else that you need that I have not included, please let me know. Thanks for the "Best Dog In The World".

Robert & Shelley of Grand Jct., CO Toy Aussie

Hi Kimberly I just wanted to let you know that miss Ginger is doing wonderful. She loves the kids as much as they love her. I will send you some pictures as soon as i geth some good ones with my camera. We love her sooo much and she is Amazing! Thank you again

Kira G. Rifle, CO Toy Aussie

Hi Kim. I just wanted to tell you that Lola has been a great addition to our family. She is the most loving affectionate dog in the world. She has the best temperament. Here is a current picture of her. Melissa Sorrentino, Ronkonkoma NY

Hello, Just wanted to send an email to let you know Spicy, who we now call Chloe, is doing very well! She was a little scared of is at first but she has warmed up to us and has made our home so much happier! She loves fetch, hiking and playing with the biggest dog at the dog park. I've met other Aussies through her Instagram (littleaussiechloe) that she has playdates with every Sunday. Also, I was wondering if any of her siblings were in the Denver area? Thank you so much for such an amazing pet! -Hayley Reina

Hello Kimberly, I just wanted to let you know we made it home safely without issue. She is a fun little puppy who is very active and is eating well. She is too quick to get an unblurred photo, but she is adjusting just fine. Thank you for adapting to our arrival time. I hope you accomplished everything you wanted at home. Warm regards, Heidi and Vince Santa Fe, NM Mini Dachshund

Eden is doing amazing! She is like a celebrity at our vet's office. We love her so much! She loves to be with me and barks if she can't see me, lol. I guess she's going to be a great support dog! She already knows "sit". I've been recommending you like crazy and I'm sure we will buy from you again.
CO Mini Dachshund

Thank you both for your incredible hard work and for your beautiful puppies...your hard work and love shines through...she is and will always be loved...Kimlee and Doug You both are incredible and I know the work of taking care of 4 foster puppies...I cannot imagine the work you do every day!

Kimlee & Doug of AZ/ Lg. Toy Aussie

Hi! I'm not sure if you remember me. I adopted Maizee about 3 years ago now. We are so in love with her. She is my baby! She turned out so beautiful. Everywhere i take her, i get told she's the cutest dog she's ever seen! My sister just recently moved out and is interested in getting a puppy. She definitely would prefer a soft wire. Are you having any more litters any time soon? Thank you so much! I had to share a picture of Maizee with you so you could see what she looks like! i'll attach the puppy pic of her too!  Marisa C.

We had the BEST experience picking up our puppy today! I highly recommend Kimberly. We will be sending pictures and updates. And will be back at some point for another Doxie.

Eileen H.

Hi there. We wanted to fill you in on London. She is a tiny 2.5lbs and a healthy girl at her last vet check up. She has been such a doll and so sweet! Here are a few pics of her. The two otjer dogs are her new sisters.. Bella the Siberian Husky and Aria the Pomsky..(That looks just like her). :) Thanks again! Christina CA Toy Aussie

Hi Ranger is the sweetest boy! He follows me everywhere, sleeps with me and sleeps under my chair when I'm working. He hasn't grown but maybe a half inch taller lol! So tiny! Wanted to give you an update! He's very loved here, thank you!

Brittni San Jose, CA Toy Aussie

I just want to say that I am absolutely smitten with my babies. On the left is Bandit 6 months (Balu). The right is Dakota (Abilene) 5 months. Just wanted to thank you again. They are such BEAUTIFUL puppies and such a joy to have around. I'm so glad we chose to go through you. I wasn't sure how to do a testimonial on your page, but you're free to post if you'd like.

Nicole A. of CT

Calder is awesome, I love him! Thank you

Cheryl of CO, Mini Dachsie

Hi Kimberly, I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Geri (now "My Precious") is. We just love her to bitz. She is so sweet and friendly. We are so happy with her I have been stalking 2 of the puppies you have on your website lol. They are both pretty small still so it's hard to see what their faces will look like just yet but they are both $2,000.00 I believe. Do you by chance offer any discounts for families adopting more than 1? Well thank you again for our new baby- we couldn't be any happier. Kristin

Hi Kimberly! I got Parker (now Chopper) from you the end of April and he has been such a love! Just wanted to update you that he has been one amazing boy! He's been filling Boomers shoes or (paws) very well! Always so happy with your Aussies! Thank you so much for these amazing pups that you raise! Thank you Amanda Pritchett Rolla, MO

Hi Kim, Just wanted to let you know that Roxie has been spayed and I have attached her papers from the vet showing her new puppy visit within 5 days of adopting her and her spaying paperwork. She is doing great! She is 6.5 pounds and an absolute joy. If you could send her paperwork to the below address, that would be great. We have had a lot of people ask where we got her. Hopefully, you have had some of them contact you. If you need any other paperwork, please let me know. Thank you, Kellie Hayes CO Spgs., Toy Aussie

I just wanted to send a quick email Thank you as I come up on my 6 month anniversary of receiving my aussie from your company, and she is amazing. The whole process to get her was seemless and I would get another one from you ANYDAY (although 1 for now is enough) I love this dog like she is my daughter, and she is my 1st aussie so it was a little scary at 1st but it is amazing how incredibly smart she is, and how easy it was to train. I have one quick question and I don't know if you could lend me a tip.. Shes at a stage where she now has started to chew on my furniture. We go to the park almost once everyday, lots of walks and she has more toys that she needs - at most she'll be home alone for 2-3 hours, and I just don't have the heart to crate her so she stays gated into the living room. As of late she has started to chew on my furniture, is there a way to correct this behavior?? Any advice would be helpful, and I attached a photo of her now... this was Sahara when I adopted her (front left). We re-named her Gracie!!

Dominique B. Toy Aussie

Hi, I'm so sorry it has been so long since we've contacted you to let you know we absolutely love our puppy we purchased from you early last year. We bought little "Brooke", a female mini dachshund (dapple). We named her Barley. She is almost a year old now and she has brought us so much joy and love. The only regret we have is that we didn't take her sister home too! I'm attaching a few photos for you. Thank you so much for breeding such amazing dogs! Best regards, Tammy, Jason, Haydn and Barley!

I'd like to make a request for a future long haired English cream miniature dachshund male. Last year we received Demi now Willow from you and are now seeking a companion for Willow along with an over all addition to our family. Willow is so loving and I am starting to feel that she should have a companion. We are very pleased with Willow and how she is so playful and gentle with our 3 year old. I just adore this little dog and I am so pleased with the breed.

Jennifer K.

She is a ridiculous sweetie! Her favorite thing is to sleep and snuggle w us, but she is starting to play more and get a little more brave/comfortable. My friend described her as so sweet she should be poured on pancakes. Thx again.

Sonia CO Mini Dachsie

Wanted to let you know, he is doing great!!! Santa delivered him last night, kids are over the moon!! Kids named him Basher nick name Blue, Sky Tierney...I'm calling him Blu....,, he is doing well at going out to potty... I'm by his side 24 hrs...He is my newborn right now!!! Thank you for such a good boy!

Rebecca CA  Toy Aussie

Thank you so much for our newest baby. We love so much already!!  Darlene Westminister, CO

McNab (now known as Montana) is a huge hit! Montana (aka McNab) is doing great!

Tammy K. of CO Spgs., Co

Thought u may want to see some pics of Jewels with her new family. Thanx Enjo G.J., CO

Xmas greetings from "Sophie"- was "Daphne"of Dee Dee and Speckles on 6-1-2014. Now 18 months old, weigh 9.3 pds. and graduate of 3 levels of dog training. Just saying hi. My parents are crazy in love with me. From Santa Sophie

Karen & Erik S. of Denver, CO

He is a sweetheart! Thank you! Well, he has been a super lover. Thank you again and have a great week. Nothing but snuggles.

Shanna J. of Lafayette, CO

Hello Kimberly. It is Peanut & Sissy's first birthday today so I thought I would share pics. We absolutely love our doxies

Jerry & Denise B. of Montrose, CO

Hi kim, How are you? this is Cash is new name is Bert hopping to get Ernie in the future. We are very happy with him, he loves us and we love him very much. he is a very good walker and a fantastic swimmer also a family protector. he is very obedient, loves to go on trips with his family. God bless you. Marlene Cook

Hi Kim, > Just wanted to send you a recent picture of Phoebe. She is such a sweet little lovey. We love her so much!! > I think she favors her mom Prairie Girl ! She only has one blue eye but she is beautiful!! > > Charlda > She is well mannered. Everyone that meets her loves her. She is a puppy at heart but has adjusted to being a loved little baby. :) She goes to doggy daycare at least once a week which has made her very well adjusted to being around others:).. Humans and other dogs! The HUMANS LOVE HER. She also plays well with others. She goes to doggy daycare where she went to her puppy class. Named at the end of class.. most adorable !! And last day of class everybody went swimming in heated pool..(middle of Dec) They told me she may not swim.. some aussies don't . She swam around in a circle like a little duck!! So proud of her. The lab in the class couldn't swim!! Ha.. took two leashes for him. Funny--I am sure he is swimming now. Will send you another picture down the road and look for our annual Christmas card that will most likely feature Phoebe!! Have a great rest of your week!!

I just wanted to thank you for the sweetest little baby girl! She handled the long car ride home like a champ. She fits right in and seems comfortable and happy....and is absolutely adorable. I can tell already tell that she is super smart, She goes potty on the potty pads on command! Only had one little piddle accident on the tile, but has used the pads since. She "prances" when she walks around the house, and steals everyone's heart who has met her. I found a harness to fit her, so tomorrow she will get a little time "on leash". I can tell you and your family treat these babies very well. Your place was spotless and the puppy was super clean and well adjusted. That means a lot. Thanks again for my new "Best Friend". Debbie P. Sent from my iPad

We've had Ryder (Gander) for a little over two weeks and he is an absolute joy. What a wonderful puppy - Our thanks to everyone at "TugAtYurHart" for their wonderful service and excellent dogs.

Curtis & Nina E.

Hi Kimberly, just wanted to let you know that Sparks (RM Toy Aussie F) is getting an immeasurable amount of love. She is already trained on the doggy doors we have not needed a crate. At night we took your suggestion and have a large fence with an exit to doggy door. It's worked great. She already comes to her name, plays with us and lets the girls pet her for hours. She is very sweet and mellow. We are thrilled!! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Love the Hampton Family.

Your pictures and presentation are wonderful. Congratulations on producing such great looking Toys. Many Blessings


I just added a beautiful toy aussie. Smooth transaction. Kim kept in touch and answered all of my questions. Levi (my aussie) was in perfect health and flea/parasite free...she gave plenty of food and instructions on making his transition easy. If I ever add another one I will definitely get one from her...he is absolutely perfect

Brittany W.

Dear Kim: I just wanted to let you know that Coby is the smartest dog I have ever met! The housetraining is going great and thanks to you for the dog door training. He is great at taking social cues and very responsive to signals from our 8 year old Aussie/collie mix Larry. At night the three of us sleep in my room, Coby on his bed, no crate. He gets up in the middle of the night to visit the puppy pad in the kitchen and then it's back to bed without a peep. We started leash training this morning and he is picking it up so quickly! My friends warned me, Puppies are so much work! Not our Coby. I am delighted with Coby!!!!! Thank you so much. Catherine

Boulder, CO Toy Aussie

Kimberly : I just want to say that Kila is just an awesome little lovebug. She loves to give puppy kisses and is so funny with my son's puppy (a mini aussie). Robbie, my son's puppy, is about 15 pounds but Kila just never gives up when thy play tug of war. My son and laughed so hard we had tears. When he irritates her she just barks right at him and the first time she did that Robbie ran to my son. Thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy. We adore her big ears and her beautiful eyes. Sincerely, Deb H.

Hi Kimberley, Just giving you an update on Shadow and how well he has adjusted to his new life with the Reed’s. We believe it was the best idea starting out in our trailer. He slept through the first night which left us tired as we spend the night waiting to see if he would need to go out... We did a long day of driving on Monday and he was great. We stopped for lunch and opened up the trailer which was familiar to him so that he could play and stretch. The longest part of the trip he was great and only needed to get out just as we were pulling into Cheyenne. We put him out back in our yard and he was very happy to finally relieve himself. He has had a total of 4 pee accidents and I am the result of each because of my inattention. He already knows to go to the back door to be let out. So smart! Of course since he is so small I am always monitoring the food which seems to be improving but man is he busy. Right now he is fighting with the inside of his travel bed, here in my office. I love him so much and already he is the focus of my day!!! So that being said the week hasn’t been as productive as it could’ve been, lol. Anyway I am bragging you and your business up as everyone that sees him wants to know where I got him. Thanks again for how well you handled him because it really shows in how well adjusted he is and we could not be more pleased. Have a great weekend! Lori Reed  of WY & Canada

Kimberly, I just had to drop you a line and to let you know how Bella - (Gabby) - is doing. She had her vet visit and everything is great! Having just lost a dog I can’t explain how much happiness and love this little puppy has brought into our lives in just one week. Of course she is very cute, but I can’t get over how well behaved, loving and sweet she is. I know this is a business for you, but it is very obvious that you take great care in breeding and raising these pups and they are very loved. Lisa and I are so grateful that we found you and decided to purchase from you. We promise to send you pictures, I just wanted to update you and thank you. Tony Trovato NY

We are home now and Jewel is an absolute Doll Baby! I am sooooo pleased with her. I was worried about her being too shy and timid around my other doxies but she is not at all! She is very outgoing and very curious...looking around outside even with my other doxies following her. I was hoping she would be that way so she can find her place with us. Thank you so much for bringing Jewel into our lives Kimberly! She will be and already is loved much.....Cynthia Dog face Panama Beach, FL

16 wk. old Milli (Sadie) Thank you so much for her. She is healthy, energetic, and happy. I couldn't be happier or asked for anything better!  Jesse M. Kanasa City, MO

Just wanted to let you know that Sidney has acclimated well. He has met a lot of new people already! He is a sweetie!! Thank you so much! Deb  Rathsdrum, ID

Just thought you would want to know that Gaits u knew as shane. He is the best pup ever. He travels and works cows for me and very very protective of me and our horse trailer and semi. He weighs 25 pounds. And full of love.  Rose C. of ND

Hi Kimberly- this is Deann Johnson from Illinois- the months are flying by! These two are the best dogs ever! They are just so spoiled and we love them so much! We don't know what we would have done with out them in our lives! They do everything togethers-sisters Josi & Kita so fitting! Just wanted to share:)

Hi. We thought we would send you a picture of Cruz formally Thad and our other puppy Oakley. We have taught Cruz how to sit, lay down and roller over. We try to take them everywhere we go.

We are doing great. My mom has been wanting me to send you an update about Taylor but I kept forgetting and I lost your number. The new pup is doing great. We just got her rabies shot on Saturday. She is doing great with the family. Everyone is in love with her. We completely fell in love with her.

Archuletas Denver, CO Toy Aussie

Dear Kim and Kris, I have named Marty Patrick Henry. I'm a history nut. I love, love, love him. He has been perfect. We just got back from a mile walk. He's going on the leash great and has been eating, playing and sleeping and potting outside. I couldn't be happier. Pictures to follow. Thank you Patti Marquis  Spokane, WA

Hi Kimberly its Deann J. ;) the girls are great! Plane trip was no problem ride was great - Aaden talked to them all the way home! Not one peep or mess in the crate. They are eating, playing, drinking, and potty just fine :) we just love our girls! They slept all night.

Machesney Pk, IL

Hi Kimberly! I adopted two little Pugs from you about 4 years ago - Teddy & Taffy. They are well and happy and I just adore them. Just wondering why you do not breed Pugs anymore. I see you are now breeding Dachshunds instead.

Kimberly & Kris, Just wanted to send you a picture of "Rocky" -- the puppy that we purchased from you in October. We are so very happy with him! He is enjoying his new home in Missouri and his new family (dogs, cats, horses). I sent a photo from my phone, so I'm hoping you receive it. Will try to send more later. Again, we enjoy him so much! Teresa, Mike & Dakota Ballard DeKalb, MO

Hi Kimberly! Just wanted to let you know that everything is going well with our new baby (Jagger). He settled in really quickly and has pretty much taken over our house. He is eating well and going potty outside - a few accidents here and there but for the most part he is getting the hang of it. Thanks for everything - I'll sent pics now and then so you can see how he's progressing. Nancy R. Weber

Hi Kimberly, We purchased "Perry" ( now Wiley B.) from you in early June. We are interested in a female BET and see there is a possibility that you may have one. If we were to put a deposit down, does it have to be for a current pup? I guess what I mean is that if none of the ones you currently have open to blue eyes, could the deposit be kept for a future dog? Wylie has fit in quite nicely with our family. The attached picture is from Halloween, he was a "rufferee" and his sister was a cheerleader. He is extremely lovable and LOVES to cuddle. He has quite a few freckles on his left side and has a beautiful coat which is really thickening...we just adore him. He doesn't ride very well in the car but we are working on it, he gets car sick.😬 I look forward to hearing from you. Cheryl Oh, one more thing I wanted to share...he LOVES to swim. We have an above the ground pool and he cries to go swimming. He has a life vest but prefers not to wear one and his very own raft that he loves to relax on.

Thanks Kimberly! Tatum slept in her crate next to my bed all night. Not a peep. Not even sure she has a voice box, we haven't heard her whine or bark or anything!! She is super sweet. I read the puppy care page but I didn't see anything about the Metron that you sent along in a baggie. I know you had mentioned it to me, but what is it and what is it for? She seems to like being held. She snuggled with my son Aidan on the ride home and with me on the couch last night. She is playing around in the backyard this morning and seems much happier. I think she was really in shock from the plane ride yesterday. She has eaten three times, but no poopies yet. I figure her system may take a while to adjust? Do I give her one of those vitamins on an empty or full stomach? Let me know about the Metron. Thanks!! Kim

HI Kimberly, Just wanted to drop you a little note and say thank you for all your support getting Bailee here. I can’t even begin to express the joy this little guy has brought to our family. J He has adjusted nicely to his new home and of course there are no strangers on our street. He greets everyone with excitement and smiles….. I must say I’m impressed with his temperament and ability to learn commands. Very smart boy!! Love it. Any idea how much he weighed before you shipped over here? Just curious. Again, thank you soooooo much!! We love him and he’s a perfect addition to our family. Hans and Allison Wagner FL

We are finally home:) she just had a bath. All three pups ate the good I had. We met the other clients of urs they were very nice! Thank u so much...I have done ALOT of business with animals and u were the most personable and easiest to work with and as busy as I am, I really appreciate it!

Raven W. Ocala, FL

Hi Kimberly, Just wanted to let you know that Maily (renamed her) is doing great since arriving on Friday. She seems to be adjusting well to the new environment. She absolutely loves to cuddle and to play (especially with my hair). I have attached a few photos - one which captures her "smile" and another which captures her beautiful blue eyes. Also, when should I take her to get her next round of shots? Once again, thanks so much for her -- she is absolutely perfect! Sincerely, Anne NYC, NY

Hi Kimberly it is Jessica and Cody. I thought I would update you on Lola. She is doing wonderful. Constantly running around playing. We just absolutely love Lola. Spoiled rotten really. I would say her favorite thing is treats and new toys lol! All vet checks have been excellent. My vet always says "What a dandy dog she is." At her 16 week vet check for shots she weighed 10 lbs. We can't hardly believe how much she has grown. Thanks again for everything! She is the best little girl we could have asked for! Here are some updated pictures of her.

Osborn, MO

Hi this is Amanda Pritchett from Rolla, MO thought i would sent a few pics of Boomer at 4 months old.. He's doing great!!! and sooooo smart!! it takes me about 5 min to teach him a new trick.. Thanks so much again Amanda.

Hi Kimberly, Just wanted to touch base with you regarding our new little guy. It looks like the eye irritation has pretty much cleared up, and he's eating enough for 3 puppies! I swear, every time I turn around, it looks like he's grown another inch! :-) We were a little concerned that he didn't want to engage with people too much. He wasn't afraid, and he isn't a nervous pee kind of guy, but constantly went around with his ears and tail flat against his body (in fact, we weren't sure he even HAD a tail)! LOL Delighted to say that after a week here, his ears are always perked up and he runs around with that little tail at full mast! He now runs to the family and wants to be cuddled. Also, he is incredibly smart. Not only does he "shake" on command, but he is now standing and twirling on his hind legs when we say "circus dog!" just like the others. Ahhh, the power of cheese! I'm amazed at how young he is retaining and responding. As Maddie cleans up the toys and puts them in the toy basket, he takes them out and moves them to "his" spot. She takes them away from him to put them back and the chase is on! He has a little green frog that he is partial to and there is a constant tug of war. Not sure who the winner is...it varies! Wanted to let you know that he is a wonderful companion to Maddie (Matilda is certainly relieved!) and a very loved addition to our family. The two pups just wear each other out and have become fast friends. I'll let you know when he reaches his full growth and send some more pictures. In the meantime, here's a couple of our two rapscallions! Let me know if they don't come through. Best and thanks again, Marla Woodland Park, CO

Thank you. We love him. He is perfect and beautiful. He is very smart and a good listener. He likes to rough house! Sent from my iPad Linda Kovar  Brambleton, VA

Good Morning Kimberly: she is perky this morning and playing. She does the cutest little things. She makes me smile just watching her. Funny little girl she is :) I got her up at 4 this morning took her out to potty and was so happy she did all her biz out there. I will be sure she gets the pills you sent for her and will reread the puppy care info. I will text you a pic in a few minutes. Thanks again, and oh yes she was worth the wait. Have a blessed day. Anita ~

Riverdale, CA

Hi, Yes, we named her Lacy and she is just great. She's eating, dringing, pooping and peeing so everything seems to be working just fine. We had a couple poo incidents on the trip home. The first one we didn't understand what she was trying to tell us and the second one we couldn't find a place to pull off the road in time. Guess we better get used to having a baby again. Made the vet appointment today for that last shot so she'll be good to go We replaced our old delapidated pet door with a new one today so that's a good thing too. Just wanted to give you an update. Jo Salber  CO Spgs., CO


This is a great site. Having owned dogs my whole life, I can tell this is a quality breeder and am really hoping to find my fur baby here.  Eileen

 She is literally the best thing for him he is sooo in love ty again! She is shy no longer wow and lightning fast

Amy V. Toy Aussie Cantrall, IL

Hi Kim! I Just wanted you know that Porter is doing great!! He has bonded with all of us and loves the other dog interaction… it’s a busy place here at Mountain Mongrels, just like his first home!:) I have to admit that he is already a little spoiled… loves to be carried and in our lap… follows us everywhere, lol. We adore him. Last night he was mesmerized by the t.v…. he watched for 2 hours (pic below) Let me know if you can’t see pic and I will send by text. Thank you so much for our new member of the family

Therese M. of Grand Lake, CO

Hi Kimberly!

I wasn't sure where to send this email but I wanted to make sure it found you well.

Last fall my fiance` and I brought home our Moose (formerly known as Kiefer) and he has made our lives complete - he is the best dog ever.  I'm sure you probably hear that from people all the time :) but he has the sweetest, most gentle demeanor, he's playful and hyper, observant and nosy, but attentive and snuggly.  He's gone o lots of road trips with us and loves the car, and seems to enjoy city living - and he knows all his commands (just learned how to roll over!).

I just wanted to say thank you for our little wiggle butt and we can't wait to gift him a little fluffy sister soon!

Have a happy Thanksgiving! 

Warm regards, 

Natatlie M.

I named Sidekick Chili and he is doing so well. I love him so much!  FL/ Toy Aussie

I just wanted you to know how great Iron is doing!  He and my other dog are doing great together.  They love, play and snuggle together.

I took him to the vet for his 9 week shots and everything looks good.  Thank you, thank you for our blessing.  We are so happy.

CO/ Toy Aussie

I received him he is beautiful thanks again

Miniature Dachshund / NJ

Juniper starts puppy school on the 25th.  We are so happy with her and it is so good for Charlie as he plays with her all the time instead of sleeping all day.

My little girl graduated!

Miniature Dachshund / Grand Jct., CO

Hi Kimberly!  I keep meaning to send you pictures of Murphy.  Here are some from the day after we got him, up until recently.  His SO much fun.  The most athletic dachshund I've ever seen.  he gets along so well with the others.  They are all so close!

Oh and my sister is a photographer and begged to take some pictures one night whent we went over there for dinner (shortly after getting him) so I can't forget those

Hi Kimberly.  My name is Anne I live in New Orleans area.  I visited my daughter in Denver.  She bought an mini Aussie from u, and I have never seen a nicer dog and so smart.  Her name is Kayla.  I'm looking at Rambo.  Is he still available?

This is Pattin now Oliver that I got last Aug. He is the sweetest dog!! Thanks!! People stop me and ask where I got him! I send them to your website. Thanks again

Mini Dachshund in CO

Good Morning!  Gabby did great last night!  She played until 7:15 took a quick nap and then stayed up until 9:30pm went down and woke up at midnight.  She's doing great this morning at the airport and is more settled with my daughter holding her 

Thank you so much for Gabby - we love her to pieces

Gabby (now Rosie) did great on the plane.  She did her tiddle on the pad between flights.  She found a friend to try and play with at my daughters soccer game.  At home she did great with all the dogs.  Old lady can't be bothered with her and let's Gabby just do her thing.  She loves playing hide and seek under the couch.  She had a great night!!! Natalie Round Lake, IL (Mini Dachshund puppy)

Happy Thanksgiving  from Kali Girl and her crew!  She's weighing in at 4.2 and has had her second round of shots....at our new vet.  Grateful for you and your family!  Sending many blessings!

Nancy from Oceanside, CA *her 2nd Toy 10 years later 11/19

We got Loula or LouLou (Taloula Lou Lou Lovebug Zeiter) from y'all in June/July 2013. She has brought joy to us for 3 1/2 years. Moved from Crested Butte to Montana and now making home in Rockport Tx on the Gulf of Mexico. She loves the beach playing ball and most of all loving on whoever will let her! Thank you so much